Egypt offers a breathtaking panorama of exciting cities, just calling for sight seeing. Let Marasem please take you on one of their appetizing and memorable one-day or week tours:
Cairo is a bustling metroplole. Modern buildings are looking down on dusty streets and colorful bazaars. Palaces, minarets and churches sit side by side. The Egyptian Museum, the Nile, the Pyramids and Sphinx, the Opera House; they all add to the flavor of an unforgettable experience.
Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, it was the capital and the intellectual center of the Graeco-Roman period in Egypt. With the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, one of the World Wonders, Alexandria degraded to a simple fisher village for many centuries. But since the last century it again became synonymous for cosmopolitanism and bohemian culture.
This charming town is Egypt's most southern and oldest town and since Pharaonic times it has been the trading center and Egypt's gateway to Africa. The famous Abu Simbel temple complex is mindboggling and life-changing attraction.
A felucca ride takes you to the many islands among them the famous Philae Island with the temple dedicated to Isis.
The Red Sea beach resort lets you enjoy sun and fun of private resort beaches. Hurghada is renowned for scuba diving and other water sports activities, vibrant nightlife and pleaseantly warm weather all year round!
Imagine yourself on a felucca, sailing the quiet waters of the Nile, strolling small streets littered with bazaars, getting around in a horse-drawn cart, exploring the world’s greatest open air museum.
You are in Luxor, also referred to as Thebes, settled on a strip of green in the middle of the desert. Luxor is the world’s greatest open air museum with the temples of Luxor and Karnak, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the Colossi of Memnon and Hatshepsut’s temple of Deir-Al-Bahari.