There is nothing more reassuring for customers and potential clients than doing business face-to-face. Exhibiting can significantly contribute to prospering business. It potentially generates more sales than any other tools.
Companies are more likely to materialize a successful deal ‘eyeball-to-eyeball’ since exhibiting accelerates the sales process.
When times are hard, exhibitions work harder for your marketing budget than any other media. Only at an exhibition can you generate direct sales while simultaneously enhancing your brand image, launching new products, developing customer loyalty, researching your market, building your prospect databases and maintaining relationships with your existing customers.
Marasem recognizes the value and impact of an exhibition as a ‘face-to-face’ podium.   Our exhibition services range from conceptualization, financial planning and fund raising to logistical support, staffing, catering, production and management.
Marasem’s key contributions are supportive at top level. Creative and innovative. Organised and flexible. Experienced and reliable. We bring our experience and support for your exhibition.
Marasem is your key player when it comes to:
·         Planning exhibition hall layouts and activities programme such as workshops, seminars and demonstrations
·         Researching suitable venues and ensuring all necessary equipment is available
·         Selling stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors
·         Seeking and securing sponsorship
·         Designing anything from online registration forms to floral arrangements
·         Arranging insurance cover and ensuring legal, health and safety requirements are adhered to
·         Coordinating caterers, stand designers and equipment hire
·         Organising car parking facilities, security, first aid and catering