Concerts come in different sizes and shapes. Venues vary. The occasions vary. The performers and performances vary. The styles vary. The instruments vary. The supporting acts value. But they have all one thing in common. Solo or group. Choral or instrumental. Unplugged or electric. Classical or rock. Indoor or outdoor. The sound of music!
There are many variables when promoting a concert. Marasem underlines this. Therefore a well thought out plan of action is required. One vital aspect of arranging and organizing a concert is enough funds and careful promotion. One needs advertising on tv, radio, in print, online and tap into social media. One needs to decorate a town or a city with printed flyers and posters. One needs press releases and kits. One needs tickets to be sold.
Marasem is in a position to supervise all this. We can advise you in arranging and promoting concerts .
Box office? Check. Spotlights? Check. Stage? Check. Security? Check? Ushers? Check. Sound? Check. Marasem? Check!