Salam From Egypt

Salam from Egypt October 2013, HURGHADA, red sea, Egypt:
Right after the revolution times back in 2011, the whole tourism industry went slow and a lot of employees and tourism related industries were massively affected in Egypt, Marasem team has reacted on this situation, as a reflection of the street pulse, and as a part of the community spectrum and decided to send a clear message to whole world that Egypt is safe and secure.
We have collaborated with the Egyptian ministry of tourism and the red sea governorate, the regional authority for tourism promotion, and successfully invited plenty of the Egyptian and Arab celebrities, counsels and ambassadors of different countries to HURGHADA, red sea Egypt, and organized the great national festival ( salam from Egypt ) ( peace from Egypt ), which was lively broadcasted  on a lot of the international and national TV channels and seen by the whole world.
The outputs of the festival were practically seen and felt within weeks, as our message was delivered and clearly understood to everybody that Egypt is safe and secure and welcoming tourists from all continents all over the year.